Reageer op: Kodi op Raspbian


Hi Piotr,

I got your latest can-dump, thanks for that!
I’ve read you disconnect can-bus from your Raspberry because of the FIS flickering.

Actually in the latest Version (44) the script will listen to can-id 65F, which carries your Audi’s model and year.
I add an image of what the script (snippet) would do in your case;

So it says ‘8P5’ year of build ‘2013’. This would make the script write FIS messages to 667 and 66B (like your carkit does).
If you disconnect the raspberry from the bus, it would not ‘hear’ the 65F message and picks it’s defaults (265 / 267).
This seems to be what has happend in your log…
(I need to examen your log a bit further to actually see how your carkit behaves.)


Then the Development pages;
I picked 2×6 Id’s which seem to be used a lot in your dumps. These I’d wil show up ‘live’ as soon as they are received.
Now the first received messages will be printed in the more grey color. As soon as a message is received on the same Id, with different bytes, those bytes will turn red.
It’s going to be really hard to actually find out what this all means, but it’s for example how I found out where my speed signal is sent (Just because it only starts changing when you start moving! Also you could check these measures when you open doors, move forward / backward, filled up the gas, turning on / off anything…


Of course, this will only work with connected can-bus.

Kind regards,