Reageer op: Kodi op Raspbian


Hi Piotr,

Thanks for your input!
I tested it (made a script which actually sends the exact same data as your car did during the specific log) but did not managed to break anything :S
Also I recorded the can-id pages while running your log/messages. Will post / share this tommorow.

I uploaded a new version of the skin (0.0.45) which should be more stable if something unexpected happens. Also if an error occurs it’ll be logged to a (new) ‘error log’ window (you can find this at ‘Settings’ / ‘Configure Audi Rns’ / ‘development mode’).

The raspberry with its can-module is a kind of a can scanner / logger.
If you’d connect it to your car and in terminal you type: [candump can0 -a] it will print all traffic (with -a as parameter for ascii values).

I hope with the errorlog page we’ll find out what is going on!
(If it does not find any errors, for a next step we could check if all settings are picked up correctly… You could btw check if ‘System Information’ window shows the correct model / year of your car!)

With kind regards,