Reageer op: Kodi op Raspbian


Hi Dietmar,

If you use Full version, you must not install script.service.JanssuuhRnseBediening and script.service.JanssuuhSendCanToFIS!
These functions are built in and would run twice… (resulting in weird behaviour)

Btw: If you own a vehicle which uses 2G or 3G protocol and could manage a candump, I’m very interested to examine it for usage with this project! (First part is going to be a challenge… Some cars use an optical connection! You won’t be able to just connect ‘our’ skpang module to this… Als data rates can be different and last but not least; Audi is coding / scrambling this data on purpose, to make it less easy to ‘speak’ to their systems. Though, it’s possible to add OEM hardware, so it must be possible to reconstruct that.)

Kind regards,