Reageer op: Kodi op Raspbian


Thanks Jeroen,

Here you can find my candump: As usually on my Google Drive. I performed several actions, including Bluetooth telephone connection, every door opened / closed separately, all lights on, pressing buttons on wheel and RNS-E. All on running engine. At the end I displayed engine oil temperature on FIS, maybe you can catch that also 😉

What I found out with diagnostic cable, that after sending messages from skin to my car CAN, there were several errors in modules with CAN communication interruption. For example phone module and steering wheel captured CAN communication lost. Definitely skin enters wrong slot ID on CAN.

Maybe it’s worth considering changing the default values for skin? Or even putting come editable config file, where we would be able to adjust available ID’s in our cars? Almost every car have different modules installed in, so the automatic scan should consider many cases. Configuration file would give best control about CAN behaviour of skin.

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