Reageer op: Kodi op Raspbian


Hi David,

Connected to the Rns-e I use an analogue signal interface. During developing, I use the hdmi connection to 24″ screen. Both work stable.

Easiest way to test if your setup has an issue with your video-in-module is to test raspberry directly with an analogue cable to tv or monitor.

Rns-e screen has a resolution of 400×234 pixels which is the resolution I use for the skin (+4 or 5px for adjudgement)
You could change this resolution for testing (it’s set in addon.xml), but it will effect the appearance of the skin.

Still it’s strange that the ‘pre-Krypton’ versions worked on your setup.

I’ll try to find some time to specificly test video playback on 0.0.35 version this week.

Kind regards,