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Hi Jürgen,

I developed / tested the plugin on my A4 B6 2001, so ID’s / messages should be identical then!
There’s not much you could do wrong when (like you said) your Rns-e buttons allready work with the plugin.
Maybe I’ve overseen something in the coding (maybe with reading your VIN and selecting the right ID usage).

The flickering content to your FIS tell me there are no ‘errors’ in the script which tend it to stop.

Again we’ll need to have a look at the log.
If all working by default logfiles are written to /home/pi/rnslog (or rnslogs, it’s been a while).
I limited the log to 7500 messages, so for testing it could be needed to directly after booting the Raspberry to have the interaction we want to measure (for example use your FSE / TV-Tuner, so the log picks up these messages).

To give you a clue on the existing ID’s and what the messages mean you could have a look at:
Known CanIDs

Kind regards,