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Hi Jorgen,

I had a look at your log. Specific this part:
(Of course I’ll be happy to send you your full organized log by mail or so.)

So, here’s a mindspin:

After 627#80 39 39 39 39 28 28 28 the KMA ,TV/VIDEO content is sent
After 627#80 3A 3A 3A 3A 28 28 28 the PHONE , content is sent

The RX 665# 61 38 00 AA CA AA 2A seems te be coming from the FSE,
I use (Raspberry TX) 665# 6F 20 00 00 30 00 20, which probably shuts Rns-e sound.
I know there are several 665 messages, there is a difference somewhere sending these for only be able to write content to FIS (line1 / line2), like using your phonebook settings thru FIS (with steering wheel) or saying “I am having a phone conversation” and also shut Rns-e sound.

Usually I send messages directly after my 665 message, on ID 265 and 267, which should overwrite 261 and 263 ID.
Somehow in your setup both Rns-e (Video) and FSE seem to be sending to 261/263.

I’ve noticed that directly after the 665# 61 38 00 AA CA AA 2A message of your FSE a respond gets sent.
I assume this comes from the KI (head unit); 5AB#01 12.

At this point I’m a bit confused on the order of the messages and what is or might be responding to who.
Audio source is also sent each 100 milisecond, these messages look like:
– 661#81 01 12 37 00 00 00 00 (Video)
– 661#81 01 12 3A 00 00 00 00 (Phone)

While logging this, I saw you pressed the up and down buttons of your steering wheel. Also I saw some Rns-e button activities.
Can you remember what was drawn in your FIS (upper 2 lines, and maybe the middle part of the display)?

I think it is not strange (yet) that there are no 265 / 267 logs, because scrolling from Video to Phone within the Rns-e does only make that device send it’s content (on 261 and 267).

We might want to try logging again with;
Putting FSE content to the FIS (I assume you can go to phonebook e.a. using your steering wheel, and / or maybe even call a phone number which will be written to the FIS). I still think this makes the FSE use ID 265/267.

Afterwards I would be interested to see what will happen when Raspberry also is sending Artist/Song data to the FIS (with no FSE interruption).

Kind regards,