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Hello Jeroen

thanks for your fast reply.

#While logging this, I saw you pressed the up and down buttons of your steering wheel. Also I saw some Rns-e button activities.
#Can you remember what was drawn in your FIS (upper 2 lines, and maybe the middle part of the display)?

I have no MFSW in my car. Maybe i presst the up and down buttons on for Mid FIS (Wiper). I also push RNS-E buttons to switsch on and off the function “Send to FIS” in configuration Tab in Kodi Skin to generate the logs. Maibe this wasn´t oog Idea.

I think it´s a good plan to test following:

– turn off all plugins “send to FIS” and do browsing in Phonbook and do a call. Than i will anwer a incomming call.
– disconnect FSE and test all plugins “send to FIS”

i will send you the logs and so we can analys this behavier. For me analyse Can Protocol is new and so i can give only limited help.
I´can´t test this today. (i have Christmas party in my company) I will try this Steps tomorrow and will give you feedback.

If you want to test additional things please write me.

BR Jürgen