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Hi Jürgen,

I coded some up/down pressing of the MFSW into the Raspberry, trying to get the volume more equal to the radio.
This made me think you pressed these buttons 😎
(The wiper buttons are on Comfort-bus, if only they were on Infotainment :S)

As we saw the “Phone” content on line1 and the spaces ” ” on line 2 are just send by Rns-e. No overriding there.
Browsing your Phonebook is only effective if it changes this content (with my Kufatec is doesn’t, because all content is just shown in the Rns-e Phone menu). Making a call (not even needed to answer it) would change the FIS content (name or number will be presented).

Also at this time I assume the 665 message we saw bein inconsistent to each other yesterday might change its value during this.

The disconnecting FSE and test the plugin probably results in successfully writing to the FIS. I’m still a bit afraid the FSE is responding to Raspberries messages.

As you might know, the Bus messages are all Broadcasted. One device sends a message, and all others receive it (it even echoes to the sending device). This makes it impossible to send anything to the Headunit, but not to the FSE.
Now in our example we need to tell the Headunit there is an FSE active and we might want to write content from it (but actually it’s the Raspberry). The real FSE also “sees” this communication and might respond with “it wasn’t me, restore regular content”, or even “something is wrong, I didn’t send anything”. This results in the flickering content.

To make it a little more technical;
Me neither have an MFSW, but I made an option in the Raspberry plugin to emulate it with Rns-e button pressing.
This makes your FSE think you do have MFSW and then does show the FIS content during phonebook scrolling.
(If we – I need to do some testing on this to – could catch a log of this, at least the silencing issue must be resolvable.)

Have a nice Christmas party!

Kind regards,