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Hi Jürgen,

Now the 265 and 267 show up:

Log jurgen

The 665 messages also show a sequentiality of which we might get starting to make assumptions with 🙂
I’ll mail the full log to you, but the 665 seem to to have the following meaning;

665#61 passif (no FSE FIS content)
665#77 active (ANRUF …..)
665#67 ending (first ANRUF BEENDED)
665#63 FIS content, no calling (ANRUF BEENDED)

(265 and 267 both twice send a message full of zero’s)

665#61 passif (no FSE FIS content)

I hope the 665#67xxx triggers Rns-e to stop silence mode.
I’ll try to recode my plugin with the 665#67xxx and with the 665#63xxx message and see if it shows any result.

With al this info I think I’ll need to add an (ugly) override to the default 665#61 FSE sends regulairly every second.

Summarized; the FSE says every second “I’m not doing anything, any FIS line 1 and 2 (265/267) won’t set visible, but the regulair 261/263 TV/VIDEO or PHONE content will be visible. The raspberry at the same time says every second “Ok, Phone active, let me send content to 265/267. This “argue” explains the flickering.

We might be able to reduce this to a minimum if we can catch the exact timestamp of the FSE message and directly follow it up with a raspberry 665#63xxx message. (To keep the flicker back to TV/VIDEO as short as possible, our hopefully just invisable or unnoticable) 😀

If this ugly workaround does not turn out to be effective there might be a way to reject FSE acceptance in the device “Ring” (There is a follow up order between IDs 428 – 436 – 43A) It could be possible to break this ring, make FSE stop sending anything. Question is if it’s possible to “reconnect” FSE and have KI to accept FSE again…. Hopefully the first workaround does the trick!!

I hope to be able to upload a new version of the plugin with this function built in before end of this week.
You’ll be able to download it from the homepage (and send you an update about it ofcourse.)

Kind regards,