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Hi Jeroen,

!Happy New Year!

I´ve testet each options step by step. No option will overwrite the FIS. The penultimate entry (772500FFCFAA2A) will slow down the flickering a little bit.

Two other things I noticed:
– If i deactivate the Plugin “Send Kodi to FIS”, Kodi Skin will freeze. Music will playing in background, but i can´t controll Kodi with RNS-E Buttons or Keyboard. A reboot will help me.
I’ve always had this behavior.

– When you change from Kodi Confluance Skin to RNS-E Skin the apply buttons “Yes ” and “No” are changed.

Is it possible to implement an option to send the reverse Signal over Can? I will need this because the Kufatec Adapter will not swithch to Rear View Cam. I´ve analyced my Can messages and now i kow, that my Audi B6 is not sendign this Can Messages.
I think thats an possible solution:
We will set GND to one unused GPIO on the Raspberry an than we send the “351 00 6E 10 AE 09 76 75 05 8 Nee Byte 0, 00 vooruit / 01 achteruit” command

-Kufatec Support is sending me following:
Probieren Sie bitte folgendes aus:

0x470, messagelänge: 8.

Byte[0] = 0x20 wenn der RF-Gang eingelegt ist und
Byte[0] = 0x00 wenn der RF-Gang wieder raus ist.

How should the Can message look like? This is not clear to me. I should send this command every 100ms?

Kind regards,