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Hi Eric,

I’ve been searching my can-dump logs.
Pressing the big knob generates the “461 # 37 30 01 00 10 00” message, each 100ms you keep pressing it.
Releasing the knob sends the “461 # 37 30 04 00 10 00” message 5 times!

So in the plugin you should change the #Press part of the code into (not yet tested);

elif msg == (“37 30 01 00 10 00”): #Press
elif msg == (“37 30 04 00 10 00”): #Press Release
_____if pressrls>4:
__________if press<5: #Press Kort
__________else: #Press Lang

(_____ = indent, forum removes them :(. )
Also don't forget to declare the integer at the start of the script (pressrls=0).

You also need to edit the skin, because the Contextmenu screen (DialogContextMenu.xml) has a false lay-out, because I didn't yet fitted it for Rns-e.

The "Car Info" screen and it's code (and the mid-fis content) isn't published in the LITE skin nor the plugins (rns-e bediening / rns-e to fis) on the website. I'm still planning on packaging a full version of all plugins / skin and maybe ask a small fee for it. (€5,- to €10,-) Though, some functions would only work on a monochrome (red) FIS!

Hope it helps 😉

Kind Regards