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Hi Jürgen,

Happy New Year!
Sorry for de delay in my reply, I’m packing / getting ready to go on a small holiday.

If you’re using the Full Plugin, the “Send Kodi to FIS” functionality is built in. You could uninstall the Kodi to FIS plugin.
(Of course, you could keep using it if you’d like to have the FIS functionality on another skin.)

I’ll have a look at the DialogYesNo.xml. The ordering of the Yes / No buttons is different then the Confluence skin you say?

In one of your logs I see CanID 351 was sent. So I asume it does not change from 351#00…… to 351#01…… if you reverse.
Adding this to the script is not going to help, because of the same scenario as we saw on the FSE (contradictory messages from the devices). The 351 messages indeed is send every 100ms.

I’ve read about the 470 message. It’s not available on my B6 (infotainment-bus).
Did you test the Rns-e engineering mode? I don’t understand why your B6 would not tell Rns-e it’s gear position (needed for nav unit).

Kind regards,