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Good Morning,
I wish you nice holiday.

– Yesterday i have retried my tests with “send to FIS Option”. I don´t know that i do not need the Plugin “Kodi to FIS”. I´ve uninstalled it and do the tests again.
Now the results are promising. When i activate one of the Can IDs in the list the flickering will stop and mute from FSE is off. I can hear the sound. I do a video clip and send it to you.

– Yes the ordering of the Yes / No buttons is different when you switch from Confluence to RNS-E Skin. (in german language settings)
You can see this in the second video.

– I tested CAN ID 351. To me the construction of the Can Message is not clear. You say the first byte should be change from 351#00…… to 351#01…… if i reverse.
351 [8] 00 00 00 00 00 6D 71 10 ‘…’

So the first Should be switch to 01? Its intresting. In my case the firs Byte will show me the ignition. When Ignition is on the value is 00. Whene ignition is off than i saw 45 or 44. I do 2 tests an logged this.

retour.txt will show following prozess: Ignition on –> switch to backwards and wait 4 seconds –> go to neutal –> start engine –> drive backwards –> drive forward –>switch off engine.

retour2.txt will show: switch on ignition –> switch to backwards and wait 4 seconds –> go to neutal (4 or 5 reruns)

In RNS-E engenering Mode the Vehicle Signal “REV” will alwas be OFF. (I will send you a picture)