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Hello Jeroen,

I have an solution for my Reverse Vehicle Signal Problem. I found out that i can simulate the switch signal with following Can ID

cansend can0 470#20 simuliert umschaltsignal am Kufatec Multimediaadapter

in Can ID 351 do not get the reverse Signal. Wen i send 351#02 i see that the ENS-E will switch to Revert in engeneering Mode. I Think its not posible to change the original can message?

So please can you implement me an Option to send the 470#20 00 00 00 00 when i switch one of the GPIO on the raspberry to Ground or 3,3V?

I have found a link with examples in python:

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Raspberry Pi: GPIO – Ausgänge schalten, Eingänge lesen

BR Jürgen