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Hi Jürgen,

Thanks for the electric scheme!
As for now I’ll continu to write in English if you don’t mind. I have a little less trouble finding the correct expressions than in German.
I actually have lived near the German border for a few years, which still makes me thing I speak some German sometimes, but it just stays hard to find the right words. (In school we’ve been taught perfect grammer though! – Der Die Das Des Dem Den :))

I’ll try to add some (plain) python (like your example link) to the plugin which you could use to test on.
Als the FSE project seems to stall a bit. I’ll add a ‘Kill FSE’ option, which tells the FSE to stop writing to the FIS.
It’s not the end result we want, but if it does stop sending to the FIS it might be a something!

Kind regards,