Reageer op: Kodi op Raspbian


Hi David,

The ”settings.txt” at location ”/home/pi” per default contains this content:

#Coolant formula details

Coolant Order : 1
Coolant Amount: -32
Coolant Factor : 1.8

#End of Coolant formula details

#To restore defaults, just delete settings.txt and reboot

The Order parameter means 1: First execute Amount and then the Factor,
2: First execute Factor and then the Amount.

So for example (one of the forum members asked for) it’s editable to:

Coolant Order : 2
Coolant Amount: -48.2
Coolant Factor : 0.8

Now the hex value your car produces is factored by 0.8 and after that 48.2 is substracted.

(There is a [tab] after the [:]. Please leave this the way it is and only change the values)

The default -32 is probably because 0 degrees celcius = 32 degrees fahrenheit.
If you engine is of, it might send 0 degrees fahrenheid, which results in your -17 degrees celcius.

With kind regards,