Reageer op: Kodi op Raspbian


Cheers mates,

I’m also using Kodi 17 (Krypton) with Raspbian Jessie and can’t install the skin. The install process ends up with an error message.

Perhaps the skin isn’t compatible with Krypton?

If the skin works, I’ll try to connect your solution to my 2007 A6 4F with MMI 2G High. I think, the A6 MMI-Controls work in a different way than the RNS-Controls (the GUI of both systems looks nearly the same but has different hardware and a different OS) – but perhaps the CAN-IDs are the same or I simply have to replace them with the 4F-IDs.

Keeping the fingers crossed. 😉


BTW: Jeroen, your solution is by far the best and most professional, I’ve seen around the whole wide net. That was, what I was looking for. It’s important for me to “emulate” the look of the MMI-GUI to make it look as original as possible. Any other solution looks like a cheapo China-RNS.