Reageer op: Kodi op Raspbian


Hi Stefan,

Thanks for liking the skin 🙂
I know what you’re saying about making it ‘as OEM as possible’!

I haven’t had the time to check on the Krypton issue. Hopefully I find some time tonight.

About the 2G MMI connection;
– Probably there are again a Can-L and a Can-H wire, which you want to connect to your raspberry
– First thing to check is whether the Bitrate is or isn’t the same as on the B6/B7 infotainment bus (100K).
I added an auto-log function to the skin, which logs the first 7500 messages (if bitrate is consistent)
(The logfiles are saved at “pi/home/rnslogs” with included date/time stamps. But it will only be triggerd if the date/time was sent over the bus – might be something I’ll need to find a workaround for in your case.)

If the Bitrate is correct and the log works you could save 2 logs;
1) log of idle state (probably with ignition key on) doing ‘nothing’
2) log again with same conditions (no doors open / doing anything), but with pressing you MMI buttons as soon as the skin is loaded.
With the 100k my bus works with, within 1 to 2 minutes the first 7500 messages are captured.)
Afterwards you just try to find differences in used ID’s.

Of course I’ll be very happy to help you with this!

Kind regards,