Python – Kodi naar FIS

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    Hi Jürgen,

    I changed ‘sleep’ 100 ms to 75 ms. Maybe the whole script (loop) just takes a little longer than 100 ms.
    Same download-link.

    Kind regards,


    Hello Jeroen,

    maybe you have news for me about my “Hansdfree Problem” ?

    BR Juergen


    Hi Juergen,

    Sadly it’s hard or even impossible to stop the OEM hardware to ‘speak’.
    Original carkit sends it’s messages and also the KI controller does that. This causes the ‘flickering’ (in the FIS content and also the REV cam).

    I could think of one way to literally ‘bypass’ this issue, I’m not familiar with this solution.
    At the skpang site they offer a ‘duo-can’ board. This should make it possible to create a ‘bridged’ setup.
    This would make it possible to block / filter unwanted messages (like the messages coming from your carkit while Raspberry is speaking):
    skpang - duo can

    But than again, it’s just a theory…

    Kind regards,

3 berichten aan het bekijken - 31 tot 33 (van in totaal 33)
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